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      Dibutyl Sebacate

      Dibutyl Sebacate

      Name: Dibutyl Sebacate    Shelf life: 12 months

      Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)3OOC(CH2)8OOC(CH2)3CH3

       Molecular weight: 314
      Packing: 190KG/drum  

      This product has favorable low-temperature performance and plasticizing effect and it functions as cold-resistant plasticizer of plastics and PVC, etc.

      Index (Q/WN20-2006)

           Item                        Index
      Color (APHa)(%) ≤                         30
      Density (20°C, g/cm3)                     0.930-0.936
      Acidity (As Sebacic Acid, %) ≤                         0.30
      Flash point (Open Cup Method, °C)                         180
      Fat Content (%)≥                         99.0
      Heating Loss (125°C/2h,%)≤                         0.3